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Detox and Cleansing yourself and your life is not to be done in a fickle manner. However is is healthy to do this regularly…Regularly being the focus word here, for any change to be longterm and positively experienced you must do your cleansing regularly. The body responds to rhythm, you know this, if you do something as little as five times you establish a habit. Detoxing your relationship with food and what you consume is no different.

When you detox your body with a Juice4Joy detox, or Our Smoothie2Go Detox or our Soup4Soul detox, it changes you from the inside out. Changes Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Take your cleansing rhythm seriously. Take your health seriously, without your health and vitality life is really far more challenging than it needs to be.

We typically recommend a 3 day Juice4Joy detox at first, and then coach you through several different detox and cleansing programs over a journey focused on reaching your health and wellness goal and enjoying the results longterm.

If you are doing a detox for the first time, be aware that you can experiences the following discomforts: Headaches (they can also up to 3 days) Diarrhoea, tiredness, stiff joints, flu like symptoms, skin rash. The body uses all its orifice’s to to eliminate the toxins. That is why it is so important to drink water regularly. Ideally drink you water 30 minutes before or after your juice/meal.

So Why a Doctor Detox? We all respond better when supported. You know that…So allow yourself to be supported professionally. Our relationship will start with a One on One session where very important information about YOU is gathered. This enables “Doctor Detox” to design a program that will suite you best and set you up for success.

When you detox your body, it is a “WHOLE PERSON EXPERIENCE” it shifts you emotionally mentally physically as well as spiritually. So don’t take it lightly. Invest yourself fully and allow yourself then professional support.

We all need to be coached into living our lives differently and with more self care, discipline and success. It does not come naturally, it is something we need to learn. If we “KNEW IT” we would be living our optimal health already, but we are not.

Doctor Detox

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